Project in Madagascar



Since 2011, more than 200 students have received free lunch and schooling at our school in Andrafiabe, in the North of the island.

For those who live far from the school, a dormitory was built in 2018 hence allowing them to sleep on site.

The foundation also supports the Children’s House in Ambanja, where nearly 170 children abandoned by their families are taken in. They eat and live well in a loving family atmosphere, and attend school. In 2021, we built an additional home to accommodate the 60 children who have arrived since 2020, due to the pandemic.

In 2022, the sanitary facilities and kitchens were renovated thanks to the donations collected at the Ball in May 2022. A fund has been set up to meet the growing needs and costs of food at the Children’s Home.

The Christmas 2022 action will allow the installation of solar panels at the Andrafiabe school, to ensure the operation of water pumps and light in the children’s dormitory at night. Evening classes are also organised for parents.

All our actions are coordinated with the Avotra Association and Father Stefano, a doctor and Capuchin priest who has been in Madagascar for more than 30 years.

Every year, students and teachers from Collège Champittet travel to Madagascar to follow up on our projects and define future needs.

October 2022: students’ humanitarian trip

October 2019: students’ humanitarian trip

October 2018: students’ humanitarian trip

October 2015: students’ humanitarian trip

February 2014: students’ humanitarian trip – school’s construction

March 2012: first students’ humanitarian trip – school’s construction

October 2011: first pictures of Andrafiabe and the land for the future school