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We coordinate humanitarian projects with the aim of engaging students

One Foundation, many horizons


For more than 10 years the Foundation has supported educational projects in underprivileged countries as well as in Switzerland Collège Champittet Foundation

Small actions lead to big changes

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The foundation

One Foundation, many horizons!

The Collège Champittet Foundation was created in 2010 and supports humanitarian educational projects in several countries, namely in Madagascar, Thailand, Lebanon and Switzerland

Its aim is to encourage the younger generations to commit themselves to making a better world. Collège Champittet students get involved from a very early age in the conception, planning and implementation of our humanitarian projects. Both students and collaborators travel regularly to the field to ensure the sustainability of the projects supported by the foundation.

The Foundation is recognised as a public-interest organisation and is totally independent of Collège Champittet SA, which only supports it.

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Our projects

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The Collège Champittet Foundation was created with the goal of making an impact, both where the needs are, and here, in the minds of the younger generation who must commit themselves to a better world. For over 10 years, the Foundation has supported humanitarian educational projects in several countries, mainly in Madagascar, Lebanon, Thailand and more recently in Switzerland as well.


Our action aims to support the school created in Andrafiabe and the Children’s House in Ambanja in 2011. We work in cooperation with the Avotra Association and Father Stefano, a doctor and Capuchin priest who has been living in Madagascar for over 30 years.


Together with the Jan & Oscar Foundation, this project aims to build schools and finance scholarships in remote areas of the country.


In cooperation with the association Fair Play Sport Handicap Lausanne, this project aims to make sport accessible to young people living with a disability.


Following the tragic explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, the Collège Champittet Foundation, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Tripoli Cosmopolis, decided to involve the school community to support education in this country affected by the crisis.

Our partners

Meet our partners

Fondation Jan & Oscar

AS Avotra

AS Fair Play

Rotary Club of Tripoli Cosmopolis

The Foundation was built on the values that Collège Champittet has held since 1903:

Courage, ambition, integrity, respect and openness

The history of the foundation in figures

Of the donations collected are devoted to projects supported by the foundation
200000.- CHF
Annual fundraising target
Projects have been carried out by the foundation since its creation
People working voluntarily for the foundation and its projects

Discover our mission

Watch this video to learn more about the Champittet Foundation mission and actions around the world


Last events

29 August 2023

Foundation Ball – 2023

The ball

This year, we raised CHF 150,000 at our Auction and Tombola. These funds will go to help Lebanese public schools.


19 May 2022

Foundation ball – 2022

The ball

The 2022 charity ball at the Beau-Rivage Palace raised CHF 100,000 for Father Stefano’s works in Madagascar.


23 November 2019

Foundation ball – 2019

The ball

In favour of the Fair Play Association and the development of new sporting activities. Click on the image to display it in full screen:


17 November 2018

Foundation ball – 2018

The ball

In favour of the Jan & Oscar Foundation to raise funds for the scholarship program, which supports 21 children over 3 years. Click on the image to display it in full screen: